Ad-Lister Case Study


Just Applications rolled out the Ad-lister app designed to make it easier to list items for sale on eBay. The App allows you to add images on the go and revise your listings at speed. The introduction of the app is to reduce in a matter of seconds the numbers of steps to list a product on eBay. Despite the increased competition, eBay is still seeing more than 13.4 million listings added to its site each week.

The Challenge:

Displaying the images on the app proved difficult from the outset as we allow customers to add over 12 images per listing via the online Ad-lister application. Each product listing also allows the user to add a Title, Description, SKU, Price and Quantity so all this information had to presented to the user in a simple useable way.

The Solution:

The developers and designers of Just Applications got their heads together to create a completely new skin for the mobile. Presenting the user with 4 simple action buttons Dashboard, Products, Alerts and Settings. All these actions to be simple enough to click on using one hand.

Activity carried out:

  • Provided a new mobile skin and 4 easy to use menu features to access products quickly
  • Built the application for both IOS and Android Phones
  • eBay integration to enable the user to revise listings from the handset