Treasure Hunter Case Study

This game is about collecting as much treasure as you can whilst going on a lifes journey with the legendary Treasure Hunters! Help James find the riches whilst searching a dark cave. Are you alone? of course not it’s up to James to survive in this dangerous place take hold of the treasure and ensure you make it back to safety. Figure out the tricky puzzles that are spread around the caves chambers and use your intuition to find the treasure!

The games UX has been designed in a cartoonish style as it has been targeted for younger audiences. There are lots of gadgets at your disposal: night vision goggles, x-ray vision, a scanner and a super glove for lifting heavy items.

Scoring modes:

Solve puzzles to gain extra lives
Collect Gold to move through different levels. Ensure you don’t get bitten by unwanted guests in the cave as you will lose your gold.


developed for Android and iOS

  • Android
  • iOS