With a team of 80 strong software developers and 12 designers we can turn your ideas into visual reality.

We develop projects for other design or software companies offering a “shadow-service” team with expertise within your client’s budget. Any NDA agreements are honoured and as such examples do not get shown on our portfolio page.We can work from a simple one-page story board right through to the coding, design and final testing.We pride ourselves on delivering projects in the time frame specified when the work has been agreed. We have built stand-alone applications of which funds the Just Applications team enabling us to take on many projects.

client Our methodologies always start with “your” idea. Whether it be visually or written from there we can build a project road map around the design and development to turn your idea into reality.
design Once the questions have been answered we can put together a specification which we refer to as the “work statement” which assures you the client what will be delivered. We will identify the programming resources required and the level of skill. A team will be put together with an accompanying project manager providing you with weekly updates.
project_management Using a combination of project management techniques coupled with “sprints” you will get weekly feedback to your project and a test environment to ensure the “work statement” is meeting the objectives and priorities in order to meet the next sprint. This methodology ensures the application does what it’s supposed to do and bugs are eliminated along the way.