Every new project Just Applications work on goes through our 5 step process to ensure delivery on time and on budget.

client 1) Information Gathering – It starts with “your” idea discussed with one of our team to ensure complete understanding on both sides. We can then confirm an idea of cost and timeline to deliver your dream.
planning 2) Planning - Once the initials costs and timelines have been agreed a project plan will be created outlining all the requirements to build the software.
design3) Design/Code - Once the project plan has been agreed the development team can begin the coding whilst the designers map out the UX.
testing 4) Testing, Review and Launch, - Once the software is completed all aspects of the project will be looked at to ensure it looks and operates as agreed. If the software is a mobile app we will launch it onto IOS and Google Play for Android.
demo 5) Delivery/ Demo - Once completed the source code will be delivered along with comments about how the application was developed.