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Base Jump – A Game Adventure:

Base Jump is a fast-paced competitive action platformer available for one or two players locally.

The game revolves around players building their bases and destroying the other player’s bases while fighting each other, sometimes under the effect of crazy power-ups. Players can fight against a friend or foe on the same device, or against a computer AI.


The main objective of the players should focus on maintaining more bases than their opponent. There is a meter that goes towards one player or the other depending on the ownership of the bases.


The more bases a player has the faster the meter will move towards the said player

The game features:

  • Built using Unity engine
  • Painted intuitive UI
  • Character customization
  • Painted backgrounds & animation
  • Different soundtracks for each unique level
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Base Jump Main Menu
Base Jump Player Select

Main Features of the project

What makes Base Jump special?

The look and feel of the game

We based our look on cartoons we know and love from our childhood from some legends in the field like Genndy Tartakovsky or Bruce Timm. We really wanted to convey the feeling that this is a living, breathing world that your are surrounded in with our painted levels.

Base Jump gamepaly mobile
Base Jump Animation


The powerful Unity 3D engine allowed us to fully take advantage of the 2D illustrations and gave them depth and dimension. All animations were created with the power of Photoshop and After Effects. Some even developed in engine with the help of the animation tools & particle systems.


The soundtracks were written and composed by one of our in-house professional musicians. The music and sounds vary from level to level, offering a unique tone for each scene.

Base Jump Music

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