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The Greetings House app was designed and built for business professionals in mind. The mobile application allows balloon artists to streamline their quoting when it comes to estimating how much a given project would cost. The app features a variety of functions that provides a total cost for the job enabling the user to be in profit for each job.

The Challenge:

Greetings House wanted an app that could help their customers with their quotes and ensuring they buy enough gas for the job. The application had to be more than just a simple calculator because each quote had to be highly customizable.

The Solution:

Together with the customer – who has years of experience working in the domain – we’ve set up a framework that allows the user to create highly personalized quotes for each job. The app interface was built with ease use and functionality in mind.

Activity carried out:


  • Creating a list of the main factors that affect the quote
  • Gathering a list of the right formulas needed
  • Building a basic Framework using the main functionalities
  • Creating a prototype of the app
  • Extensive testing
  • Creating and MVP
  • Adding all the required features for the app

Planning Stage


Information from the client’s side:

  • The client needed a complex calculator to help with creating quotes
  • There was no specific design in mind
  • We got a great description of how the app should work


We did a careful project analysis:

  • We started off with the basic formulas
  • Looked to add all the functionality into a nice design
  • Combined simplicity with functionality


Our work resulted in:

  • An easy to use app with all the features
  • A fast and robust app
  • A more streamlined quoting process

The main features of this project

Greeting House wanted an app that combined customization options with ease of use and a friendly interface


Custom settings for each user

The app features a fully customizable settings screen where each user can add in their own Labour cost/hour, Gross Margin, currency and more – resulting in a truly unique quote for each job. The settings screen also features the option to add helium cylinder costs and specify how the labour gets added into their profits.

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Calculator complexity

The calculator itself is divided into different sections such as Balloons and Accessories, Expenses, Labour and more – that can be used to customize a quote. This allows for increased transparency when creating a quote, as each factor that affects the cost of the job can be specified, even the sandwiches! Using the app, our customer can calculate exactly the total helium cost be for the total number of balloons that vary in size


Saved quotes

The user can save each quote, allowing them to create one even before going on site. The quotes can be updated if the user updates the settings – in case labour costs change or the price of the accessories increase- this makes it easy to keep them up to date.

Just Applications

What do our clients think about us?

Their project management is brilliant. Just Applications responds quickly to any questions, tweaks, or amendments we want to make. They’re very patient, and we appreciate them in that respect. The communication between us has been very good. We talk about things through email, and if we want to discuss something more serious, we make phone calls.

 John-Paul Banbury, Managing director –Greetings House LTD

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