Life-saving apps

Beyond the addictions that apps and smartphones can create, these can also help save lives. Often in an intuitive way and mostly for free, these life-saving apps are always good to have by your side.

There are many types of apps that can be considered as life savers. These range from first aid apps that provide medical emergency information, to suicide prevention and disaster awareness apps.

Where can I find these life-saving apps?

While the App Store and Google Play have their share of exciting apps and games, there are also great utility apps out there that can serve more serious, possibly life-saving purposes.

Here are a few examples of apps that have saved lives in the past, and can prove to be extremely helpful in those critical, unexpected situations:

First Aid (Android, iOS)

This app is built by the American Red Cross, and is an ad- and clutter-free first aid app. It is a great resource if you’re looking to learn about basic first aid, disaster awareness, or need immediate emergency aid. It provides users with basic first aid lessons for a variety of topics, accompanied by videos, diagrams and FAQs. This life-saving app has contains an Emergency tab that provides condensed, easy-to-follow instructions, as well as a big red button for calling 911. Additional features include disaster preparedness tips and checklists, as well as links to other American Red Cross Apps and resources.

Pet First Aid (Android, iOS)

We can’t omit our fluffy little friends, can we? There’s an app especially designed for our beloved pets that has and will definitely save lives in critical situations, if used correctly.

The Pet First Aid app by the same American Red Cross provides a wealth of information on potential emergencies and hazards for your dog or cat. It is complete with tutorial lessons and also quizzes to help you remember these tricks. There are also tips for keeping your pet safe in different kinds of critical situations. Additionally, the app allows users to store their vet’s contact details for easy access, as well as multiple pet profiles for you to store your pet’s medical information.

If you have a pet, we highly recommend checking out this app, it might prove useful!

Life360 (Android, iOS)

Life360 is another modern life-saving app that helps families connect and rescue those who are in peril. You can create a private network to know about each other’s locations and safety. This app can be useful for people who are caught in the middle of a disaster and want to contact their loved ones quickly.

ShareTheMeal (Android, iOS)

While this app isn’t specifically made to help the actual user, it is definitely one of the most important live-saving apps. With a simple interface, this app allows users to make donations through the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) to feed children and families who suffer hunger. The smallest donation that you can give in the app is about £0.50, which is WFP’s average worldwide cost of feeding a child. It also gives the option to select from various campaigns. I.e.: You can select which country to focus on, etc. and also give the opportunity to make a one-time or monthly donation. It also interfaces with social media to allow users to promote charitable donations.

The virtue of this app is that it makes it very easy to donate, whether it’s a small or large sum, so that everyone can chip in. If we have a smartphone, it’s hard to have an excuse not to give at least one meal to a soul!

Blood Donor (Android, iOS)

Yet another Red Cross app, Blood Donor (Android, iOS), makes finding Red Cross blood drives and setting blood donation appointments a quick and easy process. In addition to making donations easy and providing notifications and reminders for appointments, the app also incentivizes blood donation by adding a system of achievements for your donations. There are a variety of vouchers and rewards for donating as well, so you really have all the reasons to grab this app and start donating!

These are only five of the most important and helpful life-saving apps that we have showcased today. We always have our smartphone with us and with such a large variety of useful apps, we would be hard-pressed not to use them. Apps have slowly started becoming a part of our day-to-day life, and now there are apps that can actually save our day-to-day life. The safety of our lives and especially our beloved ones is of utmost importance.

We have always valued safety greatly here at Just Applications and we have put our heart into every app that we have built. With over 10 years of experience in developing custom apps, we are confident that we can fulfill all your needs.

We don’t just develop apps – we build them with love.